Buy Now, Pay Later has grown massively over the last couple of years. Aside from its ease

Automate, Streamline, Repeat.

 Redde helps businesses put repetitive activities on autopilot using Salesmate. You can now gain valuable time while reducing manpower and operating expenses required to run your business.
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Business Problem


Businesses often focus on pricing when searching for ways to increase profits,
but most should try to start with
streamlining operations.

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Running a business is stressful and the amount of tasks that need to be done daily can overwhelm any team. Growing a business takes time which can easily be eaten up by manually doing administrative tasks. This is why it's important to identify what tasks can be automated to help shift your focus to more high-level objectives. 
The Solution


Let us help you implement an automation system that will keep your business working properly. Save time and money while gaining better business insight. 

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Book a Consultation

Let's chat to see what your needs are and how we can help.

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We can start working on your automations to implement immediately.

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Enjoy the Savings

You can start saving time and money on your business that will only continue to grow.

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About Redde

Hi, we're Redde. We are a payment service provider dedicated to providing our merchants the best support. At Redde, we pride ourselves in encouraging our customers growth. We work hard to make sure our merchants have what they need to be successful. Let's work together!

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(C)ustomer (R)elationships (M)atter

Customer-centric experiences will continue to drive growth for businesses this year. CRMs help to keep all historical data in one place, which can make it much easier to manage relationships. There are clear benefits to CRMs outside of customer management which make them ideal for all business types. 

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Benefits of Salesmate CRM Platform 

Cross-functional reporting 
✔ Reporting Library
✔ Team Insights
✔ Forecasting
✔ Customized Dashboards
✔ Sales Goal Tracking
Customer-centric automation
✔ Bulk Emails & Texts
✔ Calling & Power Dialer
✔ Email Tracking
✔ Email Campaigns
✔ Email Templates
Sales Pipeline & Tracking
Visual Sales Pipeline
✔ Call Recording
✔ Contact Management
✔ Email & Calendar Sync
✔ and more!
Sales Automation/Sequences
✔ Sales Sequences
✔ Lead Assignment
✔ Sales Automation
✔ Activity Automation
✔ and more!
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Salesmate Partner

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