Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention

Your business needs a proper fraud strategy that starts with prevention, leads to detection and ends in protection. With Redde, we'll be your eyes and your ears - every step of the way. 

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance

Credit card fraud prevention should always start with PCI compliance. If your business accepts electronic payments, then you will need to comply with the Payment Card Security Standards.
Fraud Prevention

Fraud Monitoring

We have analysts who review your account's transactions for possible fraud trends such as card testing or breach of high tickets and more.

Chargeback Detection

With Redde, we can help you flag initiated chargebacks by a consumer prior to the chargeback being filed. This gives you the opportunity to avoid the chargeback altogether.

Be In Complete Control of Your Payments

Transaction Voiding - 
  • Cancelling a transaction before settlement. No refund will be necessary.
Fraud Prevention Filters - 
  • IP Address Verification
  • IP Address Blocking
  • IP Address Velocity Blocking
Transaction Flagging - 
  • Set limits on transaction amounts. Then manually approve when a sale breaches the limit.
Address Verification Service - 
  • AVS allows you to compare and validate the consumer's address with their banking information.

Fraud Prevention Tips

Preventing Fraud for POS Solutions. (In-Person Transactions)

1. Keep receipts or an itemized list of all transactions.

2. Document customer purchases.

3. Understand and know all your equipment, including your POS system.

4. Do not accept "Letters of Authorization."

5. Be cautious when manually entering worn or damaged cards.

6. Keep an eye on customers that may be distracting or appear agitated.

7. Be attentive to customers who keep their credit card separate from their wallet.

8. Educate all your employees on fraud signs.

9. Always ask for identification and compare signatures.

10. If you are ever unsure or need advice - contact us!

Fraud Protection

Preventing Fraud For Card-Not-Present. (Online Transactions)

1. Pay close attention to the time of day the order was made and the e-mail address that was used.

2. Be cautious of expedited shipping when billing and shipping addresses are different.

3. Anyone who is a first-time shopper.

4. Make sure you use Address Verification (AVS) for all online orders.

5. If you are ever in doubt about a potential customer, it is well within your rights to ask for more identification.

6. The mailing address should be checked to see if it is a mailbox or forward shipping service.

7. Be cautious of anyone who tries to "rush" or "overnight" orders.

8. Try your best to set purchase limits.

9. When shipping your orders make sure to use tracking numbers and require signatures during delivery.

10. Always require the Security Code (CVV).

11. Make sure the IP location and credit card address match.

12. Be cautious of orders that include several of the same items or are made up of "big ticket" items.