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Credit Card

Serving Our Merchants Is Our Focus!

Our team of account experts are dedicated to providing you the best quality service possible. With over 15 years of combined experience, our staff has the knowledge and industry experience to bring you the best payment processing on the market! Backed by the best solutions and tailored to fit your business type, you can enjoy features that are both reliable and secure.

Transparency, first. 

We like to think of ourselves as an open book. Many processors will tell you that they have the best rates, yet they aren't very forthcoming about what those rates are. Not us! Our pricing is located right on our homepage, you can view it here: Redde Pricing. No contacting our team to learn more and no having to search through fine print!

Open Book

You're in good hands.

At Redde, we are committed to changing your perception on merchant services.
Other providers work hard to get you to sign up. Then once you do they run for the hills causing support to become very limited.

With Redde, you'll have your very own account representative that is always ready to assist you further! Just email, message or call and you'll be taken care of each time.

No ticketing system needed! 

Small business

Small business?

Use the same technology that big name brands do!

We give small businesses the opportunity to use the same solutions that big box retailers do! Your small business can now run on leading technology geared towards helping you grow. 

Large Corporation?

Enjoy safe and secure solutions to protect your business.

Use technology that's safe and reliable! You'll be equipped with the security to protect your business and cardholder data. Pair this to reliable technology that your customers will trust to make the perfect partnership!

Large Corporation
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November 10, 2018


15 years+ 


Exceed customer expectations

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We have the experience to guide you through the complicated world of credit card payments. We understand this may have not been the case with previous merchant service providers.

At Redde, we are committed to changing your perception! 


Put Your Business First. 

Better Service Paired With Easy Solutions

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