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Virtual Terminal

MOTO payments eliminate the need for costly payment equipment by allowing you to turn any computer into a point-of-sale (POS) system. All you need is an internet connection, and you're ready to accept credit card payments in just minutes.

Send Invoices

Send better invoices and get paid faster, a lot faster! Keep track of due dates, unpaid invoices and save customers for future projects. You'll spend less time doing paperwork and more time getting stuff done.

Recurring Payments

If you sell a subscription product or service, there is no better option for your website. Now you can accept all major credit cards on your site and offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans with just one click.

Other Payment Methods to Consider
ACH Bank Transfers
Redde gives you better way to get paid by processing ACH bank payments right alongside credit card transactions. ACH payments mean fewer processing fees, cash flow predictability, and more of your business's revenue in your pockets.
Send Payment Links
Paste your payment link wherever you reach your customers! Getting paid is really that easy. The best places for payment links: Social Media Posts / Email / Social Media Bio / Website Page / Text Messages / anywhere that works!

API Documents for Developers

If you're creating a website or application that requires payments, the Redde API can help you customize and streamline your payment solutions. You can use the Redde API to integrate payments into your business website, or as a plugin into a custom application for clients. The Redde API can be used as both an account-based API or as a traditional payment gateway.

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