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Accept payments in-person or online using the latest payment technology. Convert more customers with easy checkouts and secure transactions. 

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eCommerce Solutions

Use user-friendly online checkouts that are fast & reliable. Our solutions allow your customers to find comfort in your online store. Start using a solution that satisfies your shoppers!

"Redde integrated easily into my site. I'm one happy guy!"

Matthew Osborne, Carmel, CA

"Our POS has helped immensely. We have far too many products, but this helped me keep count much better." 

Jenny Cordova, Austin, TX

Retail Devices

Choose from multiple options that can be tailored to your business type. Use the smartest systems for inventory, accounting, bookkeeping and more! 

Sammi Reed, Crystal River, FL

"The reader helps me trim down our lines during the rush. It's been 
very helpful!" 

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Becoming a mobile merchant means never turning down another sale! With our mobile card readers and app, you'll be able to use any device.
Virtual Terminal

MOTO (virtual terminal)

With our seamless virtual terminal dashboard you can key-in transactions unlike ever before! Using trusted PCI compliant technology so you can be sure your remote transactions are safe and secure. 

"The virtual terminal allows me to take payment no matter where my clients are. It's a major component of my business."

Ricky Acharya, Los Angeles, CA

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Card analytics provide insight to your payment processing data.

This includes revenue, approvals vs. declines, average sale amounts, customer types, rush hour, new vs. returning

customers, and more.

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Card Analytics

Business Analytics

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Understand how your competition

runs their business! Gain valuable insight into your competitors targeted keywords online search ranking to help you increase your online presence. 

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Keyword Research

Check out the geographical locations of your competitors!

This feature is best for brick & mortars to see who their local competitors are and how they measure up.

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Local Competition

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Use your payment processing data to provide you with the best product analytics. You'll be provided the performance of your products so that you can learn which products are selling and what isn't. 

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Product Analytics

To Power
Your Business

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Research, track, and view customers based on zip code. See an overview of your business performance, customer loyalty, customer demographics

and customer reach.

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Market Intelligence

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Track the people that are interacting with your

website. Understand visitor location, activity and more!

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Site Analytics

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Ever wonder how your website visitors interact with your website? Our heat map gives you the ability to see what elements really wow your crowd or what might be just taking up space. 

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Heat Map

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