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Support Connecting to Shopify

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments. 2. Click Change provider: 3. In the Third-party providers section, click Choose third-party provider. 4. Select from the list. 5. Enter your API Login ID and Transaction key. 6. After you've entered your credentials, click Activate. 7. is now set up to process credit card payments on your Shopify store. Editing your business information

How to edit your business information: First log into your merchant interface. You can access this at: - Click Account from the main toolbar. - Click Merchant Profile from the left side menu. - Click Edit Business Information. - Update your business information as needed. - Company/Business Name - To update your business name, please see Edit Account Business Name. - Country - Please contact Customer Support if the country filed needs to be corrected. - Address - City - State - Zip - Phone - Fax - Product/Services Description - Web Site Address - Shopping Cart Solution Click Submit. How to use the virtual terminal

Step 1: Log in to the Merchant Interface at Step 2: Click Tools. Step 3: Under Select Payment Method, click Charge a Credit Card. Step 4: Under Select Transaction Type, click Authorize and Capture. Step 5: Under Payment/Authorization Information, enter the customer’s payment information. Step 6: Optional. Under Order Information, enter the invoice number and a description of the order. Step 7: Optional. Under Customer Billing Information, enter the customer's name, ID, company, and billing address. Note that the transaction might be declined with an AVS mismatch if you do not include a billing address and if you use the default AVS settings for your account. Step 8: Optional. Under Shipping Information, check Same as information entered in Billing Information, or enter a new address for shipping the order. Step 9: Click Submit. If you use CCV to verify the customer’s card code, click Virtual Terminal Settings at the bottom of the Virtual Terminal, check Card Code in the Required column, and click Submit. Connecting to Wix

To connect your Wix Store to Authorize.Net: 1. From the Wix Editor, click your product gallery to select it.
2. From the Product Gallery property panel on the right of the Editor, click Manage Store.
3. From the Store Manager, from the top menu, click Payment & Currency.
4. Under Method, select Authorize.Net from the drop-down menu. 5. Under API Login ID, type your API login ID.
6. Under Transaction Key, type your Transaction Key.
7. Under Your Email Address, type the email address that you use to sign into your Authorize.Net account.
8. Click Save.
9. Under Currency, select your currency from the drop-down menu.
10. Under Weight, select a unit of measurement from the drop-down menu. Your Wix Store is connected to your Authorize.Net account. Customizing Your Checkout Page

Personalize your checkout page by adding a logo and message for your customers. To customize the Authorize.Net Checkout Page: 1. From Payment and Currency, click the customize your checkout page link. 2. From Customize Checkout Page, click Add Image.
3. Select an image, and click Add Images.
4. Under Message Header, add a title for the checkout page.
5. Under Message Body, add a message for your customers.
6. Under Footer Text, add additional details for your customers. Examples of footer text can include special offers or return policy information. 7. Click Save. You can choose to open the checkout page as a pop up, so that buyer's will not need to navigate away from your site! To set this up, from the editor, click the shopping cart. Under Buyers checkout, choose in a pop up window from the drop-down menu. Your Authorize.Net Checkout Page is customized.


SwipeSimple: How to sign in after applying

1. You can download to the SwipeSimple app from the App Store for iOS, the Google Play 2. Store for Android or visit for at your computer payments 3. Sign-in using the email address and the temporary password provided to you in your Welcome Email 4. Take your first transaction!

SwipeSimple: How to process a transaction

You can process a transaction by going to the Virtual Terminal page on SwipeSimple Dashboard. For detailed information on how to process transactions using the Virtual Terminal, refer to the Virtual Terminal article in the Support Center.

SwipeSimple: How to process a refund

Yes. Go to the Transactions page and select the TRANSACTION # for the transaction you would like to modify. Select either Issue Refund or Void. Note that selecting Issue Refund will not automatically refund the transaction, but will first give you the option to select the dollar amount you would like to refund, allowing for partial refunds. Please note that you can only void a transaction up to 24 hours after it was originally taken. If the Void option is not displayed, the void period has expired.

SwipeSimple: How to customize receipts

First enter your merchant portal by logging into your SwipeSimple account. You can login here: Next you are going to want to go down to "Account Settings" then navigate down to "Receipts" Now you can make changes to your customize. Set or modify details including: Add or remove an image/logo Include a header background color Choose to display the Merchant Account name Choose to display Street Address and Zip Code Choose to display the Reference Number Header Footer Set email recipient for every transaction The digital receipt preview is automatically updated as changes are made.

SwipeSimple: How to send an invoice?

First gain access to your SwipeSimple dashboard. You can login here: Next under Payment Gateway, navigate down to "Invoices" Then, click on the far right button labeled "+ Add New Invoice" Enter the customers name, email, phone number, invoice number, description and item. You can even set the due date or even add a special discount! Finally, click on "Send Invoice", then you are done!

SwipeSimple: Mobile Application User Guide

SwipeSimple Mobile Application User Guide

Frequently asked questions


What is EMV?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa. It's the global standard for a Debit and Credit Card that is chip-based. It's a joint effort to ensure security by making card information more difficult to extract than from magnetic stripe cards.

When do I get paid for my transactions?

Depending on the time you batch out at the end of the day you will receive funding within 24-48 hours. The cut-off time is as follows: 5:00PM (PST), 6:00PM (MST), 7:00PM (CST), 8:00PM (EST). Keep in mind, we don't fund on weekends.

How can I view my statements?

Every month you will be mailed your statement for the previous month. If you would like to sign-up to view your statements online contact your account executive to proceed. Your account executive can also provide you with your statements digitally via email when requested. (note: your account executive is assigned once you switch to Redde)

How do I read my statements?

When you sign up with Redde we send you a digital copy of our welcome packet. On page seven of that packet there is a detailed outline of how to read your statements. Or you may contact your assigned account executive who will be happy to go over your statements in detail.

How can I change account information, such as my address or phone number?

If you would like to change any information that is associated with your account please contact your account executive who would be happy to make the appropriate changes.

Can a new owner use my account?

Our team would be happy to transfer your current account to your new owner. If you sell your business, please contact your account executive to begin the process.

What credit cards can I accept?

With Redde, you can accept all credit cards!

How do I use my credit card machine?

With every POS device you will receive a quick reference guide which provides support with operating your POS device. Please contact your account executive for any additional information.

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is a set of requirements designed to ensure that any business or company that processes, stores or transmits credit card information preserve a secure environment that protects cardholder data. Upon approval expect to receive a PCI compliant self-assessment questionnaire tailored to your business type. Contact your account executive with any further questions.

Are there any guides on accepting credit cards that I can reference?

For merchants accepting Visa visit - Card Acceptance Guidelines For Visa Merchants. For merchants accepting MasterCard visit - MasterCard Rules For Accepting Credit Cards.

Can I fill out an application online?

Yes! You can either contact our sales team for specific information. However, if you know what kind of solutions you are needing we have an option online where you can fill out an application immediately. Click here to see our available applications.

How can I prevent my business from fraud?

Fraud Prevention Tips

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