As we continue to expand, it's important to us that we share our knowledge and expertise in our industry. We’ve been lucky enough to be featured in a variety of publications from The New York Times to Yahoo News. Below are some of our most recent mentions.


Redde in the News


What is Underwriting?

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Are You Using The Best Payment Processor for Your Small Business?

New York Times

Square, Jack Dorsey's Pay Service, Is Withholding Money Merchants Say They Need


Buy Now, Regret Later? The tricky relationship between BNPL and credit ratings

Best small business credit card payment processing companies


SMB payment platform HoneyBook first took a hit, then saw massive payment volume growth in 2020

Yahoo Finance

The Pros and Cons of Automatic BIll Pay

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Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Preparing, Sending (and chasing) Invoices

Yahoo News

Top Tricks Companies Use To Make You Think You're Getting a Deal

Plak Theme

The Best Shopify Payment Alternative


How to Calculate & Optimize Revenue Per User (ARPU)


Square, Jack Dorsey's Pay Service, is Withholding Money Merchants Say They Need

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Comparing the 5 Best Payment Providers of 2022

Yahoo Finance

How Walmart and Other Big-Name Stores Get You To Spend More Money


Stripe vs Square: Which payment gateway is right for your business?


Payment Predictions for 2022 (Part 3)


Is Contactless Payments Safe? And Should I Use it For Clients?

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Comparison of The 5 Best Payment Providers

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