#1 Tip for Start Up Success

Learn everything you need to know about starting up a new business.
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#1 Tip for Start Up Success

Starting a business is one of the most courageous things you can do. Finding success, though, is a whole other conversation. Unfortunately, there is no official secret sauce to finding success. It isn’t something that you can purchase, nor is it something that you can learn overnight. One thing you can do, is learn from others and expand your mind. Through trial and error, information intake and sleepless nights, success can easily be yours.

Our best advice for making sure a company succeeds is to fill the gap where others aren’t.

The year is 2021 and unless your business is built with cutting edge technology, chances are you have many competitors. The great thing about competition is that you can clearly define what consumers respond to. Take a look at your competitor’s reviews and pinpoint what their customers absolutely love and what they don’t.

For your business to succeed you need to fill in where they lack. For example: If your competitor has negative reviews that say “hard to get in contact with, not very clear and unresponsive customer support”, then you need to work to be everything but that. Make sure you have three channels of communication, like email, a technical support number and social media contact options. The easier you make it for those customers to contact you, the more likely they will switch to your products or services. Consider having customer service timing. Make sure all inquiries are responded to in at least 24 business hours. If you have issues getting through the queue, keep those customers updated with a quick email.

Another example is if you see customers often express that your competitors are overpriced and not really worth the hassle, then consider competitive pricing or add more value. One thing is certain, when creating a successful business, you don’t talk to the market, it talks to you!

To put it simply - give the people what they want.

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