2021 Retail Trends

There are 4 big trends that will reshape how, when, and where consumers buy. Each trend is based on consumer data.
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2021 Retail Trends

The year is 2021 and retail is expected to make quite a few changes this year. Consumers aren’t shopping like they did before, but this doesn’t mean they are spending less. In order to keep sales up retailers need to adjust their processes to match consumer spending patterns.

That leads us to consumer trends for 2021 and what they are:

Do you offer delivery? You Should - Delivery has always been a favorable perk that customers love. However, this isn’t your typical FedEx or UPS delivery service. We are referring to the actual delivery, the same day. This can be an independent driver or services like GrubHub or InstaCart. Consumer demand is always transforming, but the most consistent preference is wanting products fast!

Video Shopping - The one downfall to shopping online has always been, well… shopping online. Great product photos and descriptions can never replace seeing the item in person. Video shopping is the next best thing! There is something magical about using video chat to see what products look like while someone else shops in-person for you. For example, seeing the way fabric moves on a shirt, or the scale of a candle in the shopper's hand, these are real ways that customers enjoy the benefits of video shopping.

Touchless Technology - Contactless payments existed prior to the pandemic. However, consumer adoption has always been low in comparison to other payment alternatives. Since the pandemic, more businesses are making it a priority to give their customers a safer way of paying. Now, contactless payments seem to be almost a requirement for brick & mortar locations. It gives your customers confidence that you care about their wellbeing, which is a trend that will continue. If you are looking to accept contactless payments, we have the right solutions to help your business succeed! You can fill out an online application here to get started.

Subscription Boxes Are Becoming More Popular -

Subscription boxes are catching on and consumers are loving it. Subscription boxes offer personalization, with unique and specialized products. Consumers love the idea of having items dropped off monthly to the comfort of their home. Especially when they can customize their order and make changes as they go. This business model can be a great option for retailers who may be looking for an alternative way of reaching their customers.

In today’s world, keeping up with technology and customer trends is essential for keeping businesses alive. If you can continue to grow with the market, then you can grow your business right alongside it. The retail industry is moving fast and customer satisfaction is at the forefront. What retail trends have you experienced? Tell us on Twitter!

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