4 Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Business Better This 2023

In this article, we'll show you four great ways to market your ecommerce business better and make sure that you're making a profit this year!
Ressy Johns
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4 Ways to Market Your Ecommerce Business Better This 2023

While small businesses are now able to save on costs and reach a wider customer base through ecommerce, driving sales can still be a huge challenge. One way to reduce this frustration is to invest in marketing.

As discussed in a previous article on ‘How Important Is Marketing for a Small Business?’, setting aside a budget for marketing efforts isn't the only thing businesses need to do. In order to market your products and services more effectively, you also need to create a plan that covers your marketing goals and overall strategy.

Since ecommerce marketing, in particular, continues to evolve, you can increase brand awareness and stand out among competitors by catching up on the latest trends. So here are four trendy and innovative ways to market your ecommerce business better this 2023.

1. Look into sustainable practices

Nowadays, consumer decisions are not just based on price and availability but are also influenced by whether or not the business promotes sustainability. Forbes’ report on changing consumer behavior and demands discusses how the younger generation prioritizes brands that align with their own values and causes. In fact, these young consumers are also influencing nearly 90% of shoppers from older generations to do the same. Consumers could even be willing to spend extra as long as there are sustainable product offerings and shopping formats.

As an ecommerce business, you can leverage this demographic’s purchasing power by highlighting the sustainable practices that your brand adheres to. Such practices can include using recyclable materials in product packaging and providing shipping options with less or zero carbon footprint.

2. Develop data-driven strategies

It’s essential that you know how to use the data at your disposal and convert it into lifetime value. When it comes to boosting your brand’s visibility on search engines, digital marketing specialists Ayima prove that SEO strategies can deliver the highest returns by researching your past performance, your competitors, and the industry at large. This is important because content marketing can be much more effective when you identify your target audience and their intentions in visiting your shop or website. Fortunately, conducting user research is now made easier thanks to additional tools like artificial intelligence tools and chatbots, which can collect customer information and feedback.

3. Customize the customer experience

Personalization and customization are powerful marketing strategies that engage customers and encourage them to make repeated purchases. With the help of AI and machine learning tools, you can learn more about your online customers’ preferences and deliver more relevant product recommendations when they browse your website.

Additionally, the Chamber of Commerce emphasizes maximizing feedback from your page visitors and consumers. Customers know which features they feel must be added or changed to improve their entire journey, from the moment they visit your shop until they purchase your products. You can thus incorporate support tickets, product reviews, and suggestion boxes on your website or chosen ecommerce platform.

4. Engage mobile shoppers

This 2023, mobile shopping is still on the rise. According to ecommerce company Shopify, ecommerce sales made via mobile amounted to about $359 billion in 2021 alone and are expected to more than double by 2025. However, due to their inconvenient and poorly designed websites, most online retailers do not know how to leverage mobile transactions. A way to solve this is to prioritize user interface and experience (UI/UX) design, regardless if you have your own app/website or have an omnichannel presence across ecommerce and social media platforms.

Beyond mobile-friendly layouts, capturing sales from mobile shoppers also means tapping into mobile payment technology. Redde Payment Services allows you to manage and integrate digital payments into one platform so that your customers can have a smooth and seamless checkout experience. To learn more about mobile payments and other payment options, you can visit Redde’s official website.

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