5 Easy Ways to Convert More Customers Through Your eCommerce Website!

5 Proven Ways to Convert More Customers Through Your E-Commerce Site!
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5 Easy Ways to Convert More Customers Through Your eCommerce Website!


1. Help your customer imagine owning your products

One of the best ways to convince customers that they need your products is to invest in lifestyle photography. This is where you have professional photos showcasing your products being used in a way your customer is most likely to interact with them. You can either do a professional photoshoot that fits your budget or ask your customers to share their feedback and photos online. A product gallery or product images can be the silent sale that pushes your customers to imagine their life with your product, which in turn can make you more sales.

2. Incentive, Incentive, Incentive!

Ecommerce stores essentially run on email lists. This is how you communicate with your customers and drive your business forward. Email marketing is a great way to send a tailored message to different audiences. Adding customers to your email list is essential. However, your customers most likely won’t cough up their email address for nothing. Creating an incentive will motivate your customers to drop their email in return for something special. This can be a coupon code, a freebie, or exclusive material. Now that they have signed up, they are more likely to purchase, and if they don't-you now have a growing email list where you can nurture that relationship until they do!

3. Send “Abandoned Cart” emails:

Now that you are growing your email list, you should take advantage of all the great emails you can send! What better way to re-engage previous customers than to send them an email reminding them that they were once interested. After all, these are HOT leads! You can set up an automatic ‘abandoned cart’ email in your online store. You can trigger the email to go out after a certain time period has passed. This could be 12 hours or one day. This email should contain a reminder of what’s left in their cart and a question asking if they would like to continue with the transaction. You can even create urgency by adding a note that says the item(s) are selling fast. This is a great way to connect with your customers and to convert sales.

4. Send a thank you note

Your customer just purchased some items from your e-commerce store. They are unwrapping your packaging and BOOM. Behold, your thank you note that is personalized and genuine. Your customer feels special, but they feel more connected to you and your brand. To add more value to the thank you note, you can use this as an opportunity to upsell your customer. You can have a discount code enclosed, ask them to share their pictures on social media, or ask for a review. Either way, this is an added touch that customers appreciate!

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5. Send a follow-up email

Now that you’ve successfully converted your customers, what happens after that? You’ll want returning customers to help your business grow successfully. Their dedication to your business is what will help you create a loyal brand. Send automated emails to your customers after a period of time. Remind them of your existence and offer them similar products that they initially loved. Your customers are the most important part of your business. You should maintain a healthy relationship by nurturing your friendship.

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