6 Simple Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Frequency

Facebook ads are a tremendous tool to generate leads and grow your business. However, they can have one small detrimental effect: frequency.
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6 Simple Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Frequency

Have people been seeing your ad for way too many times?

Has your relevance score started to drop?

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there, and there’s a way to fix it. Even better - there are ways to start your Facebook campaign right, so you don’t have to go around putting out fires. Ready to get started? To run a successful Facebook ads campaign, make sure you follow our tips on how to lower your Facebook ad frequency,

1. Set up Frequency Rules

While planning your campaign, set up frequency rules that will help you keep the score on point. For example, you can stop showing the ad when frequency hits a certain number. That will keep you within budget and prevent the ad from annoying your target audience.

What number will you choose? That depends on a variety of factors, such as the length of your campaign, whether you’re a new or an established brand, whether your message is simple or complex, and other aspects of the ad.

2. Create Custom Audiences

Someone who visits your website and buys from you doesn’t need to see your Facebook ad on their newsfeed every day.

By creating custom audiences, you can exclude them from a campaign that targets new users and needs more frequent ads. For your site visitors, use a separate campaign with a smaller budget and low-frequency ads just to remind them you’re there once in a while.  

3. Don’t Target Uninterested People

Two may be the magical number you’ve been looking for. When people have seen your ad twice, there are only two possible paths to take.

They will either ignore or engage with your ad. If your audience engages with the ad, it’s time to further move them through the funnel. And if they don’t click your ad, you have two options:

  • adjust the copy and the visual to make the ad more appealing or
  • target new people because this audience simply isn’t interested.

4. Target Existing Leads

Lead scoring can help you determine if a lead is worth spending more money on. Also, you can use various tools to segment your audience and discover existing leads that will be more likely to convert.

Can you identify someone who’s been visiting your website but hasn’t made a purchase or signed up yet?

According to Daniel Lynch, you should find and target these people to keep displaying your ads to them. You’ll have a better chance at getting them on the phone and finding out if they’re sales qualified.

5. Make Your Campaigns Shorter, but Memorable

Shorter campaigns help you handle the frequency issue better than longer ones. In fact, experts advise to run the same ad for no longer than about seven days. The audience gets tired of seeing the same ad over and over again for weeks, which can also lower your relevance score.

Memorable campaigns allow you to run your ads less frequently. Whether it’s fantastic copy or an unforgettable image, it’ll stick in people’s minds for longer.

6. Consider the Placement

Another element of your Facebook campaign, just as important as ad frequency, is ad placement.

And the same rules apply: be there, but don’t annoy. Pick the right place where you’ll make sure the ad will be noticed without making the users roll their eyes. It’s probably not going to be the newsfeed since it requires a person to scroll more. However, if your ad is displayed on the side, your feedback will be more positive - the ad is visible, but doesn’t interfere with scrolling.

Target Well and Don’t Be Pushy

It all comes down to two basic requirements: well-targeted audience and a wisely planned ad. If people are not reacting to your ads, they may not be your people. Or you may be running the same ad for too long. Make adjustments to find out where things seem to go south in your campaign. Think this is difficult? Start by applying these six tips and you’ll see a positive change in no time.

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