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Building Brand Trust Through Social Media

Social Media Business

The number one priority for all business owners should be consistently building brand trust and loyalty. Luckily, social media have effectively paved the way for businesses to show off their products and services in an open environment. In order to build brand trust and loyalty through social media, you need to prioritize two core categories: helpfulness and authority. As long as you nurture and address these two categories, you can work to build trust amongst your customers.

In order to properly gain loyalty from your customers, you need to genuinely be helpful. This seems so simple, yet oftentimes it’s overlooked. You can be helpful through social media using several different techniques. You can make sure you have a brand manager consistently responding to all comments on your content to make sure your customers feel heard. You should then focus on responding to all messages that customers send your way. This can be through your inbox or if you use Twitter, this can be when a customer “@’s” you with a general inquiry. Regardless, your customers become loyal when they feel serviced and heard. By being helpful and willing to provide support at all times, your customers will become loyal and unwilling to switch to a competitor.

Authority is what you need to build confidence in your customers. Social media assist your authorities when you post content that is related to your industry. When you post the latest news and trends, you position yourself as a business that is so embedded in your industry that your audience can trust you for insights. You can use social media to share articles, posts and content. You can even use social media to link back to blogs that dive deeper for your viewers who are content hungry. Other ways to use social media is by joining trade organizations within your industry. You can lend your expertise to educate the masses, which can be featured on your accounts or within your profile’s bio or header.

The best way to create advocates for your brand is just good old-fashioned customer service. Social media has made it easier than ever to interact with your audience, whether it be for support or through engagement.

In order to increase trust in your audience, you need to make sure your customers feel heard and social media can help make that possible.

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