The Best Shopify Themes for Large Inventories

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The Best Shopify Themes for Large Inventories

Are you a Shopify Plus merchant or an online business with large inventories looking for the best Shopify theme? Then this article is right for you. The 2 Shopify themes we are featuring in this article are proven to be the best Shopify themes for large inventories.

How to pick the best Shopify themes?

In order to pick the best themes among hundreds available online, we have used the following criteria to give you the top 2 themes:

  • The theme design & sections
  • The theme speed & technical SEO
  • The mobile responsiveness and the touch size tap target defined by Google
  • Unique features among other themes
  • Speed & SEO friendly images & videos
  • The theme developers customer support
  • Transparency by having an online forum to support merchants

1. Scrowp

Scrowp Shopify Theme is an advanced theme that boasts superiority in almost all aspects of eCommerce domination – Performance, Conversion, SEO, and Design.

Developed by the famous and multimillionaire entrepreneur Marouane RHAFLI, this premium Shopify theme is popular among dropshippers because it houses some of the most designed features to boost conversion rates. In addition, Scrowp theme is well known for its highly responsive customer support team, which is available 24×7.

Best Suited for Niches

Scrowp is a multipurpose Shopify theme, it is best suited for  Accessories, Fashion & Clothing, Bags and belts, Jewelery, Watches, Kidswear, Footwear, Gardening & Outdoor Automotive components & accessories, Sports, Service based offerings and others.

Best Suited for Inventory Size

Scrowp Shopify theme is popular for being an ideal one for stores with Medium to Large catalog sizes.

Design, Features & Customization

Scrowp is among the few Shopify templates that furnish almost all required features; yes, you heard it right – ALMOST ALL, to boost your store’s conversion rate. From FOMO features to Promotional sections, it has everything. In addition to that, the theme wins hands down technically – The performance numbers should give you some idea regarding that.

With the power of fantastic utility and design features, you are assured of complete flexibility in your design and layout.

Let’s discuss some of the prominent features of the Scrowp theme.

Minimalistic home page design with full-width Header (full and split options)

Varied promotional sections: 3 Slideshow effects, Dynamic & Static Free Shipping Bar, Product labels & Animations, Product recommendation, FAQ section template, Table of Content on Blog pages, Trust badges, Product tabs, Product upsell popups, Mega menu, Discount badges on the product page, Videos on Product & Collection pages and others.

Product images with Zoom and Rollover effects | The theme also supports 3D View Models; there is no need to invest in Shopify apps.

Conversion boosting features:  Breadcrumbs navigation, Blurry Coupon, Color swatches, Variants, and Mega menu. The theme developers haven’t stopped just there. They have also included – Custom product options, Predictive search, Shipping estimator, Countdown timer, Quick Buy & Quick view, Saving amount label, and more.

Design features: Sticky add-to-cart, Responsive blog template, Parallax section (with dynamic, lazy loading), Product tabs, Tab-based advanced collection filter (sidebar), Font Awesome icons, Lazy loading (7 effect types), 2 Pagination types, Content copy protection, and others.

Other essential features:  Wishlist, Product pre-order, WhatsApp & Messenger widgets, etc.

Compatible with all major browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Chromium, etc.

Compatible with over 21 major languages from around the globe

Optimized for SEO: Supports Advanced data structures, Link title attributes, Optimization for Video & Images, etc.

Fully mobile responsive, and finger-friendly design


Scrowp Shopify theme is fully compatible with Online Store 2.0 standards. Also, its embedded set of features minimizes the usage of external Shopify apps, thus giving an edge on performance. The theme also features Lazy loading effects across significant sections, so be assured of higher performance than other similar themes. Undoubtedly, Scrowp is one of the fastest Shopify themes avaialble out there.
We tested Scrowp theme’s demo store on GTMetrix, and the performance numbers are below.

Performance Score – 100%

Structure Score – 99%

Largest Content Paint – 420 milli-seconds

Total Blocking Time – 52 milli-seconds

Cumulative Layout Shift – 0.05


Scrowp is known to be a highly conversion-friendly Shopify theme. The quantum of features for FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Design & Performance enhancement, Social Proof, and Visual Storytelling makes it an excellent theme to reckon with.

2. Grass

Grass Shopify Theme

We can't mention Plak without mentioning Grass theme. In fact, these 2 themes come from the same Shopify theme's developer's house. Grass was made for creative stores, like photography, arts, home & garden and any online industry focused on their product images. If you are planning to sell your creativity by showcasing your product photos, Grass is the right choice for you. Grass offers a full width grid view which displays your products appropriately by displaying your photo's high-definition resolution.

With its stunning features, lightning fast speed and engineered SEO Technics, Grass is a Shopify theme that can bring you free, high-quality traffic through search engines. You can then turn this traffic into potential returning customers.

Grass has almost the same professionally coded features as Plak. Like the custom product options and the blurry coupon, the main difference is the design. The layout and the page width are designed to leave as much space as possible for the main screen view perspective. This helps you showcase your creativity in high definition to your site visitors.

As you can see, Grass is a preferred choice of Shopify Plus merchants.


The best Shopify themes listed in this article have proven to increase user experience and organic traffic. Plak Theme LLC is the only third party premium themes provider who has an active forum community for its merchants for transparent post-purchase support. This was one of the most important criteria we took into consideration to list it as one of the best Shopify theme developers.

Brands like the Shopify Plus merchant, The Touch Point Solution, trusted these themes for their store and have seen great success. If you would like to take your online business to the next step, just pick from the two.

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