The Best Shopify Themes for Large Inventories

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The Best Shopify Themes for Large Inventories

Are you a Shopify Plus merchant or an online business with large inventories looking for the best Shopify theme? Then this article is right for you. The 2 Shopify themes we are featuring in this article are proven to be the best Shopify themes for large inventories.

How to pick the best Shopify themes?

In order to pick the best themes among hundreds available online, we have used the following criteria to give you the top 2 themes:

  • The theme design & sections
  • The theme speed & technical SEO
  • The mobile responsiveness and the touch size tap target defined by Google
  • Unique features among other themes
  • Speed & SEO friendly images & videos
  • The theme developers customer support
  • Transparency by having an online forum to support merchants

1. Plak

Plak Shopify

Plak is a flexible mobile-friendly Shopify theme built for creating almost any type of eCommerce store. Initially developed for speed and high volumes, Plak ranks #1 among all premium Shopify themes.

Plak theme was developed and designed by a successful online entrepreneur who spotted the bugs and the errors of the other premium Shopify themes. He then fixed those bugs to build a unique and a powerful theme that has features built-in to create a professional-looking eCommerce store in just a few hours.

In addition, Plak ranks number 1 in the premium Shopify themes world because of its backend performance. Plak has a professional and SEO-friendly blog template to let high-volume stores build a strong brand around their products. This gives them the opportunity to blog about their products and services with an easy-to-use blog template.

The blog template has an exclusive feature which is an auto-generated table of contents. Plak is the first Shopify theme to include this feature to increase the articles search appearance in search engines.

A must for large businesses and Shopify Plus merchants

For large inventories, Plak has developed a powerful, SEO-friendly, mobile responsive, dynamic filter sidebar to let your visitors easily filter their research within a collection. This developed feature will help you avoid customers buying the wrong items in your store. You'll be able to take your online business to the next level while decreasing your return rate.

Plak offers a unique feature which solves the issue of undesired entrance popups, an old feature in the other themes. This feature is known as the blurry coupon.

"We solved a major eCommerce issue by developing a feature which reduces the checkout reach path by 62%"

Marouane RHAFLI | Plak Theme C.E.O

One of the most important reasons we have ranked Plak as one of the best Shopify themes for Shopify Plus merchants is its mobile responsiveness. If you compare Plak's demo store on a mobile device to any other premium Shopify theme, you will instantly notice a big difference. The mobile navigation on Plak is frictionless and smooth with the ability to hide some features on mobile devices like getting rid of the oversized images and heavy videos. In addition, Plak is confirmed to be compatible with the latest touch size tap target requirements defined by Google.

Another big asset of Plak is the video speed and, of course, it's SEO-friendly. Plak's developer has engineered a script to display a poster and run the video only by clicking. This way, the video won't auto-play on the pages' initial load.

To conclude, a simple page to highlight the power and the performance of Plak is not enough. The advantages of Plak theme outweigh other premium themes by a long shot.

2. Grass

Grass Shopify Theme

We can't mention Plak without mentioning Grass theme. In fact, these 2 themes come from the same Shopify theme's developer's house. Grass was made for creative stores, like photography, arts, home & garden and any online industry focused on their product images. If you are planning to sell your creativity by showcasing your product photos, Grass is the right choice for you. Grass offers a full width grid view which displays your products appropriately by displaying your photo's high-definition resolution.

With its stunning features, lightning fast speed and engineered SEO Technics, Grass is a Shopify theme that can bring you free, high-quality traffic through search engines. You can then turn this traffic into potential returning customers.

Grass has almost the same professionally coded features as Plak. Like the custom product options and the blurry coupon, the main difference is the design. The layout and the page width are designed to leave as much space as possible for the main screen view perspective. This helps you showcase your creativity in high definition to your site visitors.

As you can see, Grass is a preferred choice of Shopify Plus merchants.


The best Shopify themes listed in this article have proven to increase user experience and organic traffic. Plak Theme LLC is the only third party premium themes provider who has an active forum community for its merchants for transparent post-purchase support. This was one of the most important criteria we took into consideration to list it as one of the best Shopify theme developers.

Brands like the Shopify Plus merchant, The Touch Point Solution, trusted these themes for their store and have seen great success. If you would like to take your online business to the next step, just pick from the two.

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