Top 9 Web Design Agencies

There are so many reasons to hire an agency that it's hard to know where to start. Luckily, this article is a good place to start.
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Top 9 Web Design Agencies

There are over 640 million active websites on the web according to Netcraft. With about 8 billion people on the globe, this makes about 1 website per 12 people. Those impressive stats show the importance of building an online website. A website allows small, medium and large brands the ability to expand their portfolio by implementing trust through a strong online presence.

If you haven't created your own website yet, it's the time to do it. But as we know, finding the best web design agency to take care of the site design and maintenance can be frustrating and challenging. This list below of the top 9 best web design companies will help you pick the right one for your website.

Before we go through the list, here are the basics metric we used to pick the best web design agencies:

  • The company creator(s)
  • The company history
  • Platforms and tools they are using
  • Popularity and clients reviews

1- Scrowp

Let's begin with Scrowp. This web design company has been created by the successful online entrepreneur Marouane RHAFLI, who is pretty well known in the eCommerce world through his reputable premium Shopify themes house, Plak Theme LLC.

Scrowp web design agency focuses mainly on eCommerce websites, web development and SEO to help brands expand their presence through a professional looking website and an enhanced backend to drive high quality organic traffic.

If your main purpose of creating a website, is selling online, then Scrowp — an official Shopify partner — is the right for you

2- Solid Digital

With a big client portfolio list that includes big names such as Hilton, Solid Digital empowers brands with high quality web design. Besides design, the company has a full service specializing in digital consulting, app development and digital marketing. Solid Digital prides itself on being a digital demand consultancy that aims to drive businesses and their teams forward.

3- Bop Design

BOP Design is an exclusive B2B marketing company. The web design agency offers web design, content marketing, and branding services for a broad range of industries.

As a show, Bop helped create and launch the Axim brand.

4- Popart Studio

Popart Studio web design agency counts some major brands like Schneider Electric. Based in Serbia, the company brings a bright and impactful approach to each brand project they take on.

5- HMG Creative

HMG web design company offers a creative and resourceful team, aimed at creating comprehensive online design solutions for clients like Ikea. The digital agency specializes in brand development, web design and interactive marketing.

6- Tiny Frog Technologies

Tiny Frog is a strong team of specialists who build fully customized web solutions backed by design and functionality for clients like Boeing. They also specialize in secured hosting and maintenance, web design and search engine optimization.

7- Digital Silk

Almost like Scrowp, Digital Silk is an e-commerce development agency that helps everything from brand new startups to established big brands to improve their online sales.

8- Huemor

Huemor is a website design and development company with expertise in e-commerce, B2B marketing, and user experience. The company partnered with Navatar to create an enhanced website that presented individual information, giving online users a clear path to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. As a consequence, the financial technology firm has seen a 60% increase in qualified leads.

9- Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech’s team gathered one of the best engineers who are committed to transforming complex visions into reality. The web design company specialize in app development and web design.

Final thoughts

We have done our own research to shorten the road for you, and to easily select one of the web design agencies listed in this article. If you would like to pick one of them, the best way to do it is to contact each one of them, describe your needs and compare their services and their prices.

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