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What to Consider When Choosing a Payment Gateway!

A payment gateway is an innovative technology that merchants use to accept debit or credit card purchases from their customers. Payment gateways are generally used by ecommerce businesses to connect their website to a payment provider. There are several factors to consider when choosing the best solution for your business. Don't worry, we've broken down the important items to consider when selecting the appropriate payment gateway for your business.

Which payment gateways do we recommend?

Authorize.net or NMI.

Why Authorize or NMI?

These payment gateways are the industry leaders. They provide the most integrations and have payments down to a science. If you currently use versatile software and need to have a payment method integrated, most likely - you can use either solution.

Authorize.net - 2020 Highest Authorization Rate Award

If you are looking for a gateway that is proven and reliable, then Authorize.net might be right for you. Authorize.net is owned by Visa and is an industry innovator that handles over 1 billion transactions and $149 billion in payments per year. See all of their integrations here: Authorize.net integration list.

NMI - Another gateway provider that is truly changing the industry is NMI. They process over 70 billion with over 1,400 technology partners that allows them to integrate with a long list of trusted partners. Here is a brief list of their most popular integrations:

Whichever option you choose - you'll want something that compliments your business!

We work hard to provide you the best payment gateway to satisfy all your needs. However you do it, no matter who you go with - make sure you ask the right questions to secure a better outcome for your business.

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