Basic How To Guide: SwipeSimple

Explore basic functions within SwipeSimple and how to maneuver through them.

Explore basic functions within SwipeSimple and how to maneuver through them.

How to take your first payment

There are three ways to take a payment with SwipeSimple:

  • Swipe (traditional magnetic card)
  • Dip (EMV chip card)
  • Tap (Contactless card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay)

The type of payment types you're able to accept depend on your merchant account and the type of card reader you have.

If prompted to Swipe or Dip and presented with an EMV chip card, process the transaction by dipping the card in the enclosed slot on the reader ship-first with the chip facing the top of the reader.

When prompted to Swipe or presented with a non-chip card, run the card through the openended slot on the reader with the magnetic stripe facing the back of the reader.

When using a Bold B550 or Swift B250 reader and presented with a contactless payments enabled credit card or mobile device, Tap the card or mobile device on the reader to process a transaction.

Cardholders using Google Pay or Apple Pay can also conduct a transaction using these readers.

Via the SwipeSimple mobile app

  1. Type an amount on the ‘Quick Item’ tab on the Sale screen (we recommend a $0.01 test transaction) or select an item from your inventory by selecting the center, ‘Items’ tab. Tap C to clear the amount.
  2. Tap the Charge button.
  3. Connect your SwipeSimple card reader to your mobile device.
  4. Swipe, Dip or Tap your card or payment device when prompted by the app.
  5. Select Receipt to enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt.

Via the web dashboard

  1. Select the Virtual Terminal tab from the left.
  2. Enter the amount of the sale, card number, expiration date, CVV, and billing zip code
  3. Select the Charge button
  4. Enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt

Important note: Dip and Tap capabilities depend on the card reader hardware and Merchant Account used for payment processing.


How to accept tips

A customer may be prompted for a tip on the transaction. Enable and configure the tipping amounts in the Settings section. When enabled, the cardholder can select their tip amount from several available options:

  • For credit transactions: Default Tip amounts as configured in the Settings
  • For cash transactions: Keep the Change, 1st and 2nd default amounts rounded to the nearest dollar
  • Custom amount
  • None


How to view transaction history

The History page lists transactions by date with the most recent transactions at the top.

Pull and release the screen to refresh list of transactions. Tap on any transaction to view transaction details.

Transaction summary

Transaction summary includes:

  • Transaction status
  • Transaction number (system generated)
  • Transaction date and time
  • Card details
  • Customer information
  • Full list of items and discounts
  • Tip

Card details include card brand, transaction type, last 4 digits of the card, and cardholder name (listed as Customer). You can also issue a full or partial refund, or send a receipt from the transaction summary page.

Transaction Details

Transaction Details include:

  • Transaction ID
  • Date & Time
  • Method (Keyed, Dipped, Swiped, Tapped, On File)
  • Taken by
  • Auth Code
  • Reference Number
  • AVS Result
  • Decline Reason
  • Merchant account name
  • Card brand and last four digits
  • Cardholder name
  • Signature


How to void a transaction

Tap Void to void your selected transaction.If the void option is not displayed, the transaction can no longer be voided. Please contact us for additional information.


How to refund a transaction

Tap Refund and enter the amount you wish to refund for that transaction.

*Only admin users can perform refunds

Partial refund

You can refund an amount less than the total of a transaction. The result of your full or partial refund will show up as a new record in the History page. To refund the remaining balance of a transaction, or to perform another partial refund for an amount less than the remaining balance, return to the original transaction listing.

* It may take up to 7-10 days for refunds to be processed. Please contact us for additional information.


How to create and send invoices

  1. To create an Invoice, navigate to the Invoices tab.
  2. Click the Add New Invoice button.
  3. Select the Customer Name field and either search within your existing list of saved customer names or create a new customer.

For an existing customer with an email on file, that email will populate automatically. If entering in a new customer’s name, add that customer’s email. Any new customer name and email will be saved to the Customers records.

In creating an invoice, there are required and optional fields:

  • Required Fields Optional Fields
  • Customer Name Tax
  • Customer Email Due Date
  • Invoice Number Note
  • Description
  • Unit Price

Review information in the invoice to ensure it is correct. Note: You will not be able to edit the invoice after sending. Once the invoice details have been entered correctly, click Send Invoice and input the customer’s email address, phone number, or both.

To learn more about invoices - click here.


Invoicing FAQs

Will there be a confirmation that the invoice has successfully been delivered to my customer's inbox? In the event that an invoice is unable to be delivered, the invoice status will update to say "Undeliverable."

Where can I see the last time an invoice was sent to my customer?

You can check the last time an invoice was sent to your customer on the main Invoices tab in your SwipeSimple Dashboard under ‘Date Sent’.

Can my customers pay invoices from their mobile phone?

Yes, all invoices can be paid from almost any mobile browser.

Is there a section in the invoice to write a note?

Yes, when creating a new invoice you can add notes where you see + Add Note at the bottom left hand side of the page.

Can I edit an invoice after it’s been sent to my customer?

No, an invoice cannot be edited once it has been sent. In the event an invoice is no longer accurate, the best course of action is to void that invoice and create a new one.

If I add an item to my invoice that is not currently in my catalog, will it auto create a new catalog item for me? No, entering a new item in invoices will not create a new item in your catalog. To invoice on the same item multiple times, add the item to your catalog and it will become a drop down option for you when you create an invoice.

Can I customize the look of my invoice?

Yes, you can add your company logo, or any picture, and change the color of your invoice in the Account Settings on your SwipeSimple Dashboard.

Do invoices show up in my transaction history?

Yes, paid invoices will show in your Transaction History and be identified ‘Invoices’ in the transaction method.

How will I know my customer has paid their invoice?

An invoice paid directly from SwipeSimple will show a Status of “Paid” under the Invoices tab in your SwipeSimple Dashboard. If your customer has paid for the invoice via check or cash - you can auto change the Status to “Marked as Paid”.

Will I receive a notification that my customer has paid their invoice?

You will not be automatically alerted when an invoice has been paid. You can check the status of payment on the SwipeSimple Dashboard under Invoices under ‘Status’.

Will my customer get an email if their invoice is overdue?

No, your customer will not get an auto email once their invoice becomes overdue. You can resend the invoice by clicking into the invoice on your SwipeSimple Dashboard and clicking “Resend Invoice” on the upper right hand side of the page.

Will my customer be able to see that they’ve paid the invoice?

Yes, once Paid the customer will see a ‘Paid’ stamp on their invoice.

If I’m invoicing a new customer, will their information be saved for future use?

If you are invoicing a customer for the first time SwipeSimple will save their information. If the customer is already on file, the invoice will tie to their existing profile.

Can I send my customer an invoice on my SwipeSimple App?

At this time, Invoices can only be sent via the SwipeSimple Dashboard.

Can I offer an early-pay discount for a customer's invoice?

Not at this time.

Does the email generated include a PDF of the invoice?

No, the customer will get a web page with the invoice and a payment link to pay that invoice. A PDF is not created.

How does selecting items impact my inventory counts?

If you track inventory through SwipeSimple, the quantity sold of that item through your Invoice will deduct from your item catalog.

What if my customer says they did not get the invoice?

If your customer has not received their invoice, check the status page on the Invoices tab of your SwipeSimple Dashboard to confirm successful delivery.

Where can I find the secure payment link?

The payment link can be found on the invoice details page by clicking on the hyperlink of the Invoice Number.


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