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Guest Spotlight: KANACURA

KANACURA creates online programs, virtual consultations and marketing tools for health practitioners.
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Guest Spotlight: KANACURA

Digital Marketing & Virtual Staff for Doctors & Health Practitioners

With brick and mortar businesses having to close recently and adapt to running a business through the COVID pandemic, it has become even more clear on why health practitioners need to include virtual options in their practice. Health practitioners need our support and resources now more than ever. With that, we wanted to take the time to highlight a business that has been making waves in the virtual world.

KANACURA provides health practitioners with proven tools, systems, and resources to create online programs, run virtual consultations, and market their practice online.

Kanacura is an international Digital Marketing and Virtual Staff Agency that focuses on health professionals. They help doctors and health consultants build their practices online and scale. Kancura does the work so you don't have to, allowing you to focus on what's important. They not only help create your vision; their team builds everything for you and provides on-going support with business managers and virtual assistants.

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Their story:

KANACURA was started by two young female entrepreneurs. These two hard-working ladies have been working together for almost 6 years. They work for an incredible doctor where they help run his virtual health coaching business. During all the crazy ups and downs with countless hours spent on clients, they realized something was missing. These doctors were learning why they should move their businesses to a virtual space. They had all the tools but no one to physically help them build it, or offer on-going support. So, one day it just clicked... they realized, we can do this! This is what we are good at!

So just like that... KANACURA was born! They live on two different sides of the world, one in the US and one in Perth but somehow, they are each other's yin and yang. Their talents and strengths are complete opposites and why the two of them work so well together. Combined they are a powerhouse of knowledge in the digital marketing and support world. They plan to grow and become one of the top international agencies in the digital marketing health space. Their true passion is helping others and why they love working with health entrepreneurs.

They want to encourage you to LIVE FREE!  Check them out HERE:

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