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What Inspired You To Become an Entrepreneur?

An inspirational story by a successful entrepreneur who tackled their dreams, passions, and ambitions.
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What Inspired You To Become an Entrepreneur?

Do you remember what inspired you to become an Entrepreneur? What specifically made you decide to actually go for it?

There are many reasons that an individual might want to become an entrepreneur. It could be they're too creative for their day job or their ideas are a bit unconventional. Either way, it's a big step deciding to just go for it! We had the chance to ask Jessica Ballinger what exactly inspired her to start her business and become an entrepreneur, this is what she said:

"Over the years I have been using Arbonne and I have really enjoyed using their products. However, when I fell pregnant in 2019 with my first baby I developed bad vertigo which lasted my entire pregnancy.

Ultimately, being ill from my vertigo caused me to finish up at work. So while I was staying at home waiting for my babies arrival, I started to look for something to keep me occupied. I began looking into online businesses that were both unique and something to keep me busy. On Facebook, I connected with a friend who did Arbonne and we started talking about the business and how it works. I discovered the opportunities that the business had to offer including: trips, events, bonuses and gifts to earn!

ecommerce products

Since Arbonne had plenty of opportunities, I decided to join! I was even able to continue using their products and swap out my old supplies that have harsh chemicals, for a better alternative. Now my business offers 100% natural, no harsh chemicals and is much better for both my family and I. That's another reason why I decided to join Arbonne. I wanted to inspire people to swap their products that used unsafe, harsh chemicals to something that can make their hair and body feel amazing again. I am very excited about this business and happy to share it with you all! Thank you."

- Jessica Ballinger

Learn more about Jessica's business:

Jess's Beauty Babe Store:

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